Hello. I’m Mike.

I’m an art director / designer / illustrator / hand-letterer currently working in-house as a senior designer at a wonderful nonprofit in Old City Philadelphia.

Raised at the beach, city-slicker by choice with a dash of western PA. I love looking at a problem and solving it holistically. It comes from my ill-fated time as a sculpture major at University of the Arts. I’ve partnered with small businesses to help shape their identity as well as launched nationwide products from within a 1,000+ person pharma agency. I can get my kicks working within the financial world. I sweat the details, it’s where the devil is really.  I’ve helped craft a bunch of logos, and that never gets old!

I’ve been doing this for eight years. I have a passion for visual simplicity and consistency with a flair for the unexpected. I do good work for good people, and you’re good people. Let’s chat about what I can do for you!


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