Signature Donor Portal

In an effort to keep major financial partners informed during the process of the biggest single fundraising campaign ABS had ever undertaken, the team and I discovered that no online resource existed for signature donors. The information was there, but it had to be accessed through a rep and an internal CRM. That needed to change.

A deep dive into sections that would eventually be worked into the portal.

This was a first for ABS, so the approach was with caution and intentionality; we decided to create an MVP and limit it to high-end donors who had donated to this specific campaign. This way, the data pool was small, the process could be quick, and we could iterate and create without the hiccups that a large data pool and potentially unclear historical data could present.

Knowing that most folks in this small pool were middle-aged to older, high-powered, and busy individuals, we needed to focus on mobile with clear data representation and easy-to-find facts without watering down the desktop experience. One of the things that worked in our favor was the brand for this campaign was clean and straightforward.

A conversational tone, simple design, listed transactions, and updating your contact information were the key elements of our MVP. This served us as well as the donor, we were able to be sure our personal information was updated, their donations were reflected accurately, and they knew who their advisor is.

Knowing that there was a people-seeking portion of our donors, we wanted to delight those who wished for that feeling; we added a small section where recent updates and stories could be shared. We opted to keep those focused around the campaign knowing that later these could be expanded to only include stories that related to campaigns that each individual donated to.

Unfortunately, I could not see the subsequent rounds of this project as I left the organization shortly after the development began on this project.