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Term Explorer

TermExplorerView Site“Term Explorer is set of tools designed to help you find lists of keywords in bulk and then narrow them down into actionable lists.” I was asked to come alongside to head up the marketing facing redesign their entire web presence. I spearheaded design and oversaw development and deployment.

The Resonate Group

ResonateGroupView Site“You know that moment when someone just “gets it” about you and your mission, and they decide to connect with you?” One of my focuses while with The Resonate Group was to lead the UX and visual design of their organization’s web presence. I worked with a team of strategist, developers, and designers to concept, iterate, and execute a new visually appealing website for their organization.

Traffic Safety Store

TrafficSafetyStore_splashView Site“America’s Fastest Solution for Traffic Safety Supplies” Working with a UX designer and marketing specialist I redesigned the Traffic Safety Stores catalogue pages to make them more visually appealing, organized, and ultimately provide a better user experience for their customers.

Catholic Youth Foundation USA Conference

Catholic Youth FoundationView Site“Helping Hands is a meal-packaging program that provides nutritious meals for people in Burkina Faso.” My goal with this redesign was to give the potential donor an all encompassing experience to help them not only see where there donations were going but also give them a pleasant experience while taking the time to donate. *Unsolicited redesign*

The Pimsleur Approach – Landing Page

The Pimsleur ApproachView Site“Amaze friends, family and shock locals all with this revolutionary linguistic method.” Stroll LLC asked me to convert their out dated landing/conversion page to something that didn’t lose the marketing polish without losing any of the extended content and history behind the patented Pimsleur Approach®.