Found below are a selection of icons that I have created for various clients and/or projects. The challenge of creating a simple and easily read icons is one of my favorite examples of creative problem solving. You have a split second to guide the viewer to a place with something that they’ll probably not remember.



True Voice Media – Strategic Offering

These icons were created to be used as a visual guide to all the services offered in a client solution. Typically found in case studies as well as pitches to potential clients.



WP SiteCare – Homepage Icons

WP SiteCare wanted bright, clean and whimsical looking icons that pointed to the things that they helped and promised their clients. The CEO asked me to make these fun but clearly explain their promises.



SES | Advisors – Knowledge Center Icons

These icons were created to act as icon headers in the FAQ’s area of SES | Advisors website. They accompanied headers and specific sections explaining in detail all aspects of ESOPs



Stay at Home Yoga – Pose Categories

Jen of Stay at Home Yoga wanted her virtual clients to be able to search for classes based on poses. She wanted the icons to represent the poses simply, and quickly, as well as function as buttons for her clients to click on to access specific classes based on pose.



Lightstock – Worship

Lightstock asked me to create a series of icons for a client that needed hand drawn iconography to accompany a series of teachings that they were doing on different types of worship and prayer.