UX/UI Design

My goal when crafting an experience is to create a balanced combination of functionality and storytelling. If the user feels an emotive response, while reaching their goal easily, I take that as a job well done. My experiences lie in creating beautiful yet functional web experiences for a variety of clients ranging from pharmaceutical to non-profit and everything in between.

Below is a curated selection of work.

Major Donor Portal

mockup fldc portal on desktop showing three screens
In an effort to keep major financial partners informed during the process of this fundraising campaign a dashboard a Major Donor Portal needed to be created. Our target audience for this is middle to older aged individuals, our research shows that while they’re currently primarily utilizing desktop computers there is a rapidly growing percentage transitioning to mobile, so while we needed to focus on the desktop experience we also needed to not water down the mobile experience.

mockup on iphone of fldc portal mobile login
mockup on iphone of fldc portal mobile dashboard
mockup on iphone of fldc portal mobile dashboard showing bar chart
mockup on iphone of fldc portal mobile update module
mockup on iphone of fldc portal mobile donor information screen
*As a side note, this is part of a larger branded web experience. You can see that here.

Storied Corporate Homepage

american dot bible on desktop showing three screens
At ABS we discovered a need for a more heart and story focused page to send to certain audiences due to our corporate site being just that—corporate. This created a unique opportunity to reimagine what a 200 year old conservative organization could look like. We took a more story telling focus on this trimmed down introductory site.

decorative mock up of 4 mobile screens depicting American dot Bible

Selected Visual Designs

Conflux Group homepage design mockup
gather app landing page design

“Site-Builder” for internal clients

While in-house at ABS we as a team continually got requests for “custom” landing pages and client pages. Unfortunately, that could not be done, it wouldn’t be worth our time. What we could offer was global maintenance and providing a system for the clients to use. We spent time talking with both our internal and remote clients to get a grasp of what they were looking for from a site-builder and through that we established a library of widgets they could use to build pages as they saw fit.

What this accomplished was providing the clients flexibility to control their department sites while still giving us control to QA design structure and content while letting each page have their own aesthetic.

Sample Page Wireframe

Sample Widgets