A Story-Driven Corporate Site

We love a good story, especially when it comes to nonprofit fundraising. With the support of the digital team lead, the fundraising innovation lead, and the marketing department, I had free rein to establish a story-driven entry point to our corporate site.

The existing site was optimized for small gift fundraising. The goal was something that could go on high-end collateral and serve to tell the story of ABS and its signature financial partners.

We designed the digital entryway utilizing stunning photography, beautiful typography, simple stories, and quotes from well-known partners.

This was an all-hands-on-deck project. I worked closely with a senior copywriter, our fundraising campaign innovation team, and marketing to create this beautiful microsite.

Compelling feet on the ground photography.

Core missional stores linked utilizing you-centric language.

Quotes and imagery from key financial partners

Brand videography.

A soft call to action.

We also gave the same full screen, beautiful visuals, and a fully immersive experience to mobile users.

The ending of this project is unfortunate
in that, the organization won’t up pivoting directions
and opted not to build out this second entry point to the site,
this work is unexpectedly conceptual.