The goal of an infographic is to take complex, dry, and/or confusing concepts and data and make them simple, digestible, and something that can easily be understood by the average viewer while perusing social media and blogs. The following is a small selection of the various styles of infographics I am ready willing and able to create for you.

Aries Architecting Process Module

To illustrate the complex Aries business architecting process. The client wanted something that could function as a whole infographic and be broken down into smaller editorial-style illustrations to enhance the dryer text-based online class modules.

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ESOP vs. 3rd Party Sale

Display the pros and cons between a traditional business sale and an Employee Stock Ownership Plan sale. The goal of this infographic was to visually engage the viewer without watering down the message.

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Flea & Tick
Solutions for Pets

Visually display something as taboo and unpleasant as fleas and ticks and make it approachable and informative, and memorable.

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Trader Joe’s

A series of shareable “insider info” to be shared on social media. They had to visually share one core concept of Trader Joe’s strategy or statistics.

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TVM wanted to create something a bit more modern and visually appealing than the boring clip art style that the original is known for.

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History of the
Hawaiian Pizza

A simple explanation of the glorious, succulent, and fresh Hawaiian pizza. (Personal Project)

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