ABS Site Builder

The Problem

Build a site builder that had clean code, followed our brand standards, had editorially limited blocks, and a simple CMS backend.


Various departments wanted to have the ability to spin up a landing page or edit their external facing webpage but didn’t always have the lead time to get this into the tech team’s queue.


Partnering with content strategists and departmental stakeholders I set out to determine the purpose, content types needed, and what solutions each department had come up with on their own.

Through this, I learned the biggest reason folks were struggling was that they often had last-minute changes for events, both online and in person. This leads them to go to external resources such as Squarespace.

So we set out to build a component-driven what you see is what you get site builder that covered all of the discovered missing content needs for each department.

Example Components

With subnav, custom text, and space for partner logos

Content Buckets
For supporting events/speakers/etc.

Various High Importance CTAs
Flexible layout and with or without imagery

Typically for urgent updates, not to be used as a CTA

Sample Layout

Below is an example of how a departmental site may look utilizing a variety of components.

Unfortunately, my time at American Bible Society came to an end before this product was fully brought into existence, so I was not able to see this through to launch.