Micro campaigns

These were created to be traffic drivers from a variety of sources, house ads, social, and external placement. The end location was typically a hub of pertinent information for the target audiences. Unless noted I was the art director and designer on these assets.

Sleeping with RA

These are traffic drivers for a collection of editorial articles providing tips and tricks for getting sleep when you have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I was hopeful that an all too familiar scene of scrolling your phone in pain and dealing with insomnia would resonate with folks.

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A New Direction for Migraine Treatment

Migraine and medication don’t always go together until recently these drivers were to inform folks about new options in migraine treatment.

Due to the unexpected and new nature of this content, I wanted to have it presented as something new and exciting as if it were being displayed to them

Psoriasis? No longer an issue!

Psoriasis often gets in the way of daily life. These lead to a collection of editorial content that helped folks learn how to work through the every day struggles of living with Psoriasis.

I wanted this to make people feel like they were getting rid of the thing they thought was in their way.

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What’s the difference?

After seeing a large jump in search traffic being directed to our site in search of cluster headaches we decided to work on a content hub that went into the differences between cluster headaches and migraine. We wanted to have strikingly simple imagery that showed a clear distinction between the two.

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