# A L L T H E T E E S aka Cotton Bureau is selling my shirts again

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Look at these beautiful tees!

Cotton Bureau is selling a proverbial crap ton of shirts, literally 1300, and two of mine are included! If you’re looking for some Philly design pride or a reminder that your hard work and being kind will pay off stop looking and start buying! But, if you’re not looking, which you should be, this happens to be the time of year where people start thinking about others and buy holiday gifts! So, get on that and start buying some shirts! (But… if you’re not interested in buying some, you should absolutely share this link with someone who would be interested in one of these two shirts.)

The Tees! Click on the one you want to purchase

Infographic Resume? infoNOPE

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Look at any new design grad or “creative resume” blog post and you’ll find a plethora of random infographic style resumes with doodles, charts, and big type that really don’t show much about the designer or their work experience. So while they’re visually *cool* they aren’t really all that successful at the purpose of a resume, showing your design chops… in the way they’re supposed too…

CoverLetterI thankfully never did that. Sure I did plenty of other faux pas as a young designer. This is one I never did, somehow. (Lets not talk about my cupcake truck site… because cupcakes!)

What I did do, was something similar, I created an infographic cover letter. While it wasn’t entirely successful in the purpose of a cover letter, it did start a conversation and show a little glimpse of my skills and outside of the box thinking. I actually still use it today for some of the more laid back and non-traditional roles I’ll apply for. Such as an infographic specific freelance role or something along those lines.

Doing something different and interesting  has it’s time and place in the job hunt, but at the end of the day, a resume is not the place (unless you’re doing something REALLY different, typically more than pixels on the screen and an email) most people want to see a nicely designed resume but at the end of the day it should still look like a resume.

I’d love to hear if you have done something different and it’s been successful.

Keep Learning


SkillshareAs a freelancer [or any design professional] there is always ups and downs with work. For me, the end of June and early July historically have been slower times for me. This year, I was more prepared! In an effort to stay fresh I purchased myself a Skillshare membership and enrolled in far too many classes, but it was so worth it! I started and owned it! I had never touched After Effects in my life, and was pretty sure I was going to look like a fool trying to figure out keyframes, actions, bounce and squash, and any other foreign languages that these instructors were going to use. Much to my surprise, after my first experiment I realized, I was going to OWN THIS motion graphics class!!

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That quickly led to me just trying so many things! I literally had to look at my wife and say, “Babe, I’m going to need some grace because this is getting real. My and my computer are going to be spending some quality time together this week.” Much to her chagrin she obliged. A short week after my first time opening up After Effects, and sharing all of my experiments, and trying things, I was approached by Geek Girl & Co. to put together an animated logo bumper for their vlogs (you can see it here.) Not too shabby for having 5 days of After Effects under my belt huh? If you’re a young designer, or even a seasoned professional, I think you should always be learning and trying new things. You may fail – don’t ask me about my short lived front end career – but you may succeed and find a new passion and a new skillset to add to your arsenal to attract new, more exciting, and bigger clients!

Some of my first experiments


A video posted by Mike M (@artisticdork) on

A video posted by Mike M (@artisticdork) on

A video posted by Mike M (@artisticdork) on